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Break out your seat covers and get ready to strip, because the World Naked Bike Ride is coming back to town. Drivers on I in South Florida were stunned Sunday to see a man wearing a headband, hot pink socks and what looked like a thong as he rode a bicycle backward, the Sun-Sentinel reported. It’s not the first time a scantily clad cyclist has ridden on the interstate. Officers from Penketh and Cuerdley police on the outskirts of Warrington took to social media on Sunday, February 24, to seek information from anyone who may have seen the cyclist.

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It's nearly impossible to avoid encountering the occasional nude man in public while living in the Bay Area, but still, it's not every day that a stark naked cyclist blazes past you on the highway. A man who was caught on video riding a bicycle naked in Miami last summer traffic is still at it. A driver recorded video of the man cycling. The video posted on Instagram showed the man baring it all as he rode his bike at about a.

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Last August we had the, uh, pleasure of learning about a Florida man known for biking while naked on an interstate in Miami. The "aroused" and "overexcited" man was spotted at the start of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) event in Canterbury, Kent, on Sunday. Need a profile?

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A cyclist was hauled from the start line of a naked bike race and spoken to by police following reports that he had an erection. I like how he's got clipless shoes on and a nice bike. He's not some goof that got a walmart bike and wanted to be a news story, he's into cycling for real and.

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A man wearing only a headband, pink socks and trainers and what is believed to be a thong has been captured on video riding a bicycle.

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Video: Naked man rides bicycle in California. Video: Naked man rides bicycle in California. WNCT-TV 9 On Your Side. Loading.

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Drivers on I in South Florida were stunned Sunday to see a man A semi- nude man riding backward on a bicycle drew some attention on a.

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A naked man on a bicycle joined surprised commuters Wednesday morning on Highway through San Jose, reported California Highway.

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Wearing nothing but a string for underwear, pink socks and sneakers, a nearly naked man on a bicycle zigzagged through the lanes of I